CPQ: Use the of function urldatabypost for REST GET calls

January 17, 2024 | 1 minute read
Patrick Mc Erlean
Architect | A-Team – Cloud Solution Architects
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Prior to CPQ release 23D, it was possible to use the CPQ function urldatabypost, to make CPQ REST GET calls. The API function has since been altered to adhere closely to the standard usage of REST with respect to GET v POST.

Whereas previously a POST request could be used, this has been changed to require that you use the more standard GET functionality. The primary recommendation is to use the urldata function, with the httpMethod parameter set to GET. An alternative is to use the urldatabyget function but this is not preferred over the urldata function.

Please have a look at https://help.bigmachines.com/BMIHelp/Default.htm#BML/FunctionsScripts/URLAccess.htm?Highlight=urldata, for more information on the url access functions.

Patrick Mc Erlean

Architect | A-Team – Cloud Solution Architects

The A-Team is an elite team of deeply technical Solution Architects and Software Engineers focused on the success of our SaaS customers. Our mission is to enable customer success with Oracle Cloud Technology and Services through multi-disciplined technical expertise. Our value add to our customers is our ability to operate at the points of intersection across our product lines coupled with our ability to operate at the technical boundaries of Oracle’s products. As a part of its charter the A-Team closely partners with its product development counterparts across the entire SaaS organization and contributes heavily to multiple engineering efforts.

My primary area of expertise is solutions that include any or all of, Commerce Cloud (OCC), Service Cloud (OSvC), and Configure, Price & Quote (CPQ). My focus is on all of the technical aspects of such solutions including, but not limited to: architecture, data integrations, identity management & security, performance & scalability, reliability, extensibility, and customization. I also have specific expertise in B2B and in the communications industry vertical. My research area is machine learning and it's applications.

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