Fusion Applications Integration with Microsoft Teams : Introduction to Extending the Sample

November 23, 2023 | 1 minute read
Angelo Santagata
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In November 2023, the Oracle released sample code on oracle.com (download link) which integrates Oracle Fusion Applications with Microsoft Teams. This integration is being delivered as sample code with an OTN license which allows any customer to deploy the code in production and extend it to meet their needs.

The sample code can be used “as is” as it is fully functional, but some customers may want to extend it to meet specific requirements.

This is a series of blog articles which explain how a customer can take the sample code and extend it. 

The following topics are covered.

Angelo Santagata


25+ years of Oracle experience, specialising in Technical design and design authority of Oracle Technology solutions, specialising in integrating technology with Oracles SaaS products.

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