Managing Oracle Documents Cloud Service files via curl commands

  Oracle Documents Cloud Service allows users to keep their files in the cloud. It allows organizations to centralize their data. This blog post covers how to manage your files from a terminal. It could be a terminal running on your MacBook laptop, Windows desktop, or Linux server. Command-line tools are a simple applications to upload […]

Sign Here Please

Introduction For those of you who manage a process which requires you to capture electronic signatures on the documents that are part of that process, this blog post is a must read for you. Main Article With the  (PS/5) release of WebCenter Content 11g a new, and not so well published,  feature called Electronic […]

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Getting started with Desktop Integration Suite

I recently discovered the Oracle Learning Library which is a nice site for self-learning videos and tutorials on Oracle products.  Marsha Hancock, Senior Principal Curriculum Developer for WebCenter Content, just posted a video on Getting Started …

Caught in the act!

Sometimes when troubleshooting issues, the exact cause of the issue may be difficult to find.  You may run across an error appearing in the log file.  But it may not have enough information about what went wrong…or how it might happen again…

Adding browser search engines in WebCenter Content

In a post I made a few years ago, I described how you can add WebCenter Content (UCM at the time) search to the browser’s search engines.  I think this is a handy shortcut if you find yourself performing searches often enough in WCC. 

Generating barcodes in reports

I recently had a comment posted on a previous blog post regarding generating barcodes in the reports that come with the records management module (either in WebCenter Content/UCM or WebCenter Content: Records/URM).  

I knew we could o…

Expanding on requestaudit – Tracing who is doing what…and for how long

One of the most helpful tracing sections in WebCenter Content (and one that is on by default) is the requestaudit tracing.  This tracing section summarizes the top service requests happening in the server along with how they are performing. &…

Access Control Lists for Roles

Back in an earlier post, I wrote about how to enable entity security (access control lists, aka ACLs) for UCM 11g PS3.  Well, there was actually an additional security option that was included in that release but not fully supported yet (only for …

HTML Manifest for Content Folios

I recently worked on a project to create a custom content folio renderer in WebCenter Content. It needed to output the native files in the folio along with a manifest file in HTML format which would list the contents of the folio along with any designa…

Configuring trace file size and number in WebCenter Content 11g

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of debugging using the System Output tracing in WebCenter Content 11g.  This is built-in tracing in the content server which provides a great level of detail on what’s happening under the hood.  You can access the…

Adding and removing WebCenter Content cluster nodes

If you follow the Enterprise Deployment Guide, Fusion Middleware High Availability guide, or the support technote onexample steps for installing a multi node cluster of WebCenter Content 11g, they all cover establishing a multi node cluster using …

Adjusting the Score on Oracle Text search results

When you sort the results of a search by Score using OracleTextSearch as the search engine in WebCenter Content, the results coming back are based on the relevancy on the document.  In theory, the more relevant the search term is to the document, …

Idoc Script Plug-in for Notepad++

For those of you that caught it in an earlier post, Arnoud Koot wrote a great Idoc Script plug-in for Notepad++.  Well, he’s back at it and has written an update for 11g!

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Internationalize WebCenter Portal – Content Presenter

Lately we have been involved in engagements where internationalization has been holding the project back from success. In this post we are going to explain how to get Content Presenter and its editorials to comply with the current selected locale for the WebCenter Portal session.
As you probably know by now WebCenter Portal leverages the Localization support from Java Server Faces (JSF), in this post we will assume that the localization is controlled and enforced by switching the current browsers locale between English and Spanish.

Downloading specific video renditions in WebCenter Content

I recently had a question come up on one of my previous blog articles about downloading a specific video rendition.  When accessing image renditions, you simply need to pass in the ‘Rendition=<rendition name>’ parameter on the GET_FILE service and it will be returned.  But when you try that with videos, you get the error message, “Unable to download ‘<Content ID>’. The rendition or attachment ‘<Rendition Name>’ could not be found in the list manifest of the revision with internal revision ID ‘<dID>’.

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WebCenter Content shared folders for clustering

When configuring a WebCenter Content (WCC) cluster, one of the things which makes it unique from some other WebLogic Server applications is its requirement for a shared file system.  This is actually not any different then 10g and previous version…

Configuring the iPlanet as web tier for Oracle WebCenter Content (UCM)

If you are looking for configure the iPlanet as Web server/proxy to use with
the Oracle WebCenter Content, you probably won’t found an specific documentation
for that or will found some old complex notes related to the old 10gR3.

This post will help you out with few simple steps.

That’s the diagram of the test scenario, considering that you will deploy in
production in an cluster environment.