Using 3rd-party security virtual appliances in OCI

OCI offers a very robust and high-performance network firewall that’s integrated into the very core of the Virtual Cloud Network (VCN).  For some customers, this is sufficient, while other customers need more from their cloud security than is provided natively with the OCI VCN.  Some environments need application-level inspection (such as URL filtering, malware inspection, […]

EDI Processing with B2B in hybrid SOA Cloud Cluster integrating On-Premise Endpoints

Executive Overview SOA Cloud Service (SOACS) can be used to support the B2B commerce requirements of many large corporations. This article discusses a common use case of EDI processing with Oracle B2B within SOA Cloud Service in a hybrid cloud architecture. The documents are received and sent from on-premise endpoints using SFTP channels configured using […]

OAM LDAP connections through firewalls

Introduction In a previous post, we discussed some of the complications that can occur when a firewall is placed between WebGates and OAM Servers in a typical deployment. This post follows on from that discussion, to explore an analogous topic- firewalls between the OAM Server and the LDAP Identity Store. This post is part of […]

OAM WebGate connections through firewalls

Introduction In this post, we investigate a complication that can occur if you require a firewall between your WebGate agents and your OAM 11g servers within your deployment topology. We provide some guidance related to how to configure your WebGates in this case. This post is part of a larger series on Oracle Access Manager 11g […]

How to Understand and Diagnose ODI Connectivity Issues

Introduction Understanding connectivity issues in an ODI environment requires a good grasp of the ODI architecture, as well a good understanding of where to look for information when such problems arise. We will review all these elements to help with diagnosis and resolution. How to Understand and Diagnose ODI Connectivity Issues We will start with […]